My First Half Fantasy Recap

The first half of my fantasy season was filled with disappointing performances, players on the DL, and bad trades. I like to pride myself on my fantasy skills – especially baseball. That may make me sound like a hardo, but I don’t care. I love fantasy sports, I live for them. And to be sitting here currently in 3rd place with some of the crap of I’ve had to deal with has been tough, but at the same time a borderline miracle.

To begin, I’d like to give you a recap of my draft:

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 6.01.21 PM

I contend that I had the best draft in the league. I will fight anyone who disputes that and I urge you to @ me if you do.

Now, my current team in non screenshot form:

C – Wilson Ramos

1B – Freddie Freeman

2B – Ian Happ

3B – Evan Longoria

SS – Manny Machado

OF – Yoenis Cespedes, Ryan Braun, Andrew Benintendi

Util/Bench – Eric Hosmer, Trevor Story, Matt Adams, Eric Thames, Kyle Schwarber, Clint Frazier

SP – Max Scherzer, Jacob deGrom, Zack Greinke, Rick Porcello, Dylan Bundy, Jeff Hoffman, Michael Wacha, Alex Cobb

RP – Raisel Iglesias

DL – Kyle Hendricks

4 or 5 of these guys whould probably be back on waivers.

Now I present to you the good, the bad, and the ugly, of my fantasy season.



  • Drafted Max Scherzer at 19. YUGE STEAL. I sweated heavy for his fall to me. The reigning NL Cy Young has only continued to solidify himself as the best pitcher not named Clayton Kershaw (Yes, you read that correctly Chris Sale fans). A 2nd overall position on the player rater and 173 K’s will always play.
  • Freddie Freeman at 30. Another huge get. Missing 7 weeks with a broken wrist absolutely sucked, but Freddie has and always will be my favorite and most strong son. He’s a legit monster and if he had been healthy the entire time he’d be *at worst* the #2 1st baseman in fantasy this year. A .333/.442/.677 line with a 187 wRC+ and 34 homers since the 2016 all star break is just bananas.
  • Zack Greinke at 115. I was all in on a Greinke rebound this year and he has rewarded me with a 2.86 ERA and a 28.7% K rate. He’s putting up a career best in soft contact % with 22.8%. Safe to say, Greinke is back. Go watch one of his most recent starts against Colorado on July 1. He was nearly untouchable and having a good Greinke is a great thing for baseball
  • Other good picks include Marcell Ozuna and Eric Thames. Oddly enough, you will see Marcell Ozuna pop up in the ugly category. *eye roll emoji*
  • Added Eric Hosmer, Ian Happ, Cameron Maybin, and Matt Adams. All serviceable guys who helped solidfy spots while my team toiled away on the DL


  • Manny Machado at 6th overall… ahead of other first rounders Jose Altuve, Paul Goldschmidt, Bryce Harper. This pick could probably show up in the ugly section too, that’s how bad Machado was in the first half. Short of the 18 homeruns he’s provided, he’s been atrocious. Was it dumb to pick Machado – a 4 category guy – in front of at least 2 legitimate 5 category guys in Altuve and Goldschmidt? Probably. But, I like to build my teams with a stud third baseman. If I can’t get a top guy, then I go outfielder. Last year I drafted Donaldson first, the year before that McCutchen with a reach on Kris Bryant in his rookie year. Both instances worked out and it’s how I’ve always built my fantasy teams. 3rd base is super top heavy and I always strive to have a top guy. This time it obviously didn’t work out and I can only hope for a second half rebound if his BABIP increases. I’m rambling on now – but Manny Machado has been a bad draft pick.
  • I neglected early season prospect lists, slept hard on too many guys, reached on some picks and passed on guys and overall valued my own guys too highly – and still do. I should be sitting here telling you how I picked up Cody Bellinger and how he’s hit 25 dongs in my lineup, but to be quite honest, I didn’t even know who he was. I selected Evan Longoria ahead of Jose Ramirez and Justin Turner. That’s actually bad. I was so convinced that Aaron Judge and Jose Berrios would be bad this year, that they never even sniffed my radar. Obviously this is all in hindsight, but I always kick myself everytime Alex Wood throws 7 more shutout innings.


  • Traded Marcell Ozuna… for Rick Porcello. Name a fantasy trade that has backfired quicker. You can’t. I made this trade on April 28. To that point, Ozuna had been really good. But I had a full outfield I really liked. Cespedes’ and Braun’s legs both still worked, I was buying Mazara’s breakout and Eric Thames was a GOD. At one point the player rater looked like this and my team name was literally YO KNOWS:Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 9.42.48 AMI wanted one more reliable pitcher to help solidify my rotation, I saw Ozuna as the most expendable and I never expected him to hit like an MVP candidate. Porcello had a poor April but I was buying in on him as mid 3’s ERA guy that would get wins on a good team. I didn’t expect him to replicate his Cy Young season, but I expected more than he’s given. Since I traded him, Ozuna has hit .330 with 17 HR’s. Porcello has a 4.79 ERA with two wins. I’ve actually benched the man a couple times – that’s how bad he’s been. I could go on and on about the millions of runs and barreled balls he’s given up (he might have the worst two seamer in baseball), but I won’t because it makes me sad. I would also like to make the point that if my entire outfield didn’t hit the DL and/or start sucking, this deal wouldn’t make me as sad.

So now I sit here at midseason with a 69-57-4 record. I’m only two games out of first but it’s been an all hands on deck effort. I need more from my team over the rest of the season. I’ve been to three straight championship matchups in this money league (only one win *cries*) and I’d really like to make it a fourth.

I close with a remembrance. The dearly departed, the fearless warriors that have fallen in battle (or in Dahl’s case never suited up). RIPIP, I thank you for your service:

Dustin Pedroia

Marcell Ozuna

Addison Russell

Vince Velazquez

Matt Shoemaker

Matt Bush

David Dahl

Jharel Cotton

Welington Castillo

Ender Inciarte

Manny Margot

Trevor Bauer

Nomar Mazara

Mike Zunino

Alex Bregman

Whit Merrifeld

Aaron Altherr

Todd Frazier

Lucas Duda

Javier Baez

Adam Wainwright

Kendall Graveman


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