Addison Russell… Actually bad!

So in addition to putting up a pathetic .209/.291/.335 line with 3 HR and 67 wRC+, it turns out Addison Russell has bigger problems! Namely being — cheating on his wife! After sitting out again as the Cubs turn to Baez with increasing regularity, Russell’s wife took to Instagram to put him on blast.

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 11.35.37 PM

But wait it gets worse! Here’s his wife’s best friend accusing him of beating her:


Frankly, it can’t get much worse than this. If Addison Russell is a certified woman beater then that is actually bad. This is just another example in on a long list in that you never really know who these people are off the field. Russell is a 23 year kid with a smile that seemingly could light up the whole room. But it turns out he might actually be a huge scumbag.

If you want to chalk up his struggles to his personal life, I won’t stop you. It’s probably a huge reason for it, let’s be honest. But I’m not going to let Addison use it as an excuse. The man has some serious baseball issues, the main being he forgot how to hit. Or maybe he never actually learned?

Russell was a popular breakout pick for many people this year. He’s the starting shortstop for the defending World Series champions and one of the most popular baseball teams in the world. He got off to a decent start in 2017. Through 103 April plate appearances, he hit .258/.301/.402 with 2 HR and a 85 wRC+. Not great, but it was a small sample. It was definitely something to build on and be hopeful for once warmer weather hit Chicago. From May 2 to today June 7, in 100 PA Russell has hit .153/.280/.259 with 1 HR, a 48 wRC+ and a 25% K rate. Simply put, he’s been atrocious at the plate. I haven’t watched enough Cubs games this year to tell you how his fielding has been, but its the only thing keeping his war positive on Fangraphs.

Can we chalk up his struggles to issues at home? Who knows. But the moral of the story is don’t beat women. The second moral is that if you’re a star 23 year old athlete, just stay single.


PS – I never envisioned my first blog to be about domestic violence. That shit is actually really bad. Also, if you’re following this blog, it’s likely that I won’t post frequently. I’m sitting here at 11:45 PM and saw the story on Twitter and felt I had to blog it. Lightning in a bottle if you will. I wanted to do it quick so I didn’t go too in depth on the analysis. Expect deeper analysis on my more infrequent posts in the future.


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